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With the fast changing technologies, not keeping abreast with the new platforms can be a major hindrance for the growth of any organization. Companies today realize that the systems used by them few years back has now been outdated and might not be effective in this changing dynamics, thereby incurring high cost. This is where, OTS takes a productive step in providing Porting and Migration Services that are low in cost and high in performance.

We ceaselessly aim at improving the effectiveness and the adoption of software in a safe and smoother manner. Our enhanced services is capable of transforming technologies and design architectures into impeccable performance software systems. With our professional and intellectual team of experts, we foster to achieve cross-platform compatibility during Software Product Porting.

What OTS Provides

We strive in providing valuable proposition and assistance that manifest intelligent approaches in the competitive environment:

  • Automated Process- In this approach, we follow the process, where Product Porting & Migration happen in an automated manner, further reducing the probability of error. This automated process will assist in quick Porting and Migration of software to other platforms.
  • Analysis- The detailed analysis considered by us, allows in choosing appropriate technological solutions that optimizes the costs and decreases the risks.
  • Reusing Software-OTS maximizes the use of all the existing software. This further reduces the cost of Porting & Migration Services.
  • Testing- Software Product Porting and Migration is tested completely. Apart from testing, we also focus on integrity, scalability, performance, and compatibility.
  • Safe & Secure- All our Migration and Porting Services are safe, as we follow step-by-step procedures throughout the entire migration cycle.
Our core competencies
  • Operating System Migration (for example Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris etc.)
  • Pre .NET-to-.NET Migration
  • Application Server Migration
  • J2EE to .NET Migration and vice-versa
  • Proprietary architecture to open, standards-based architecture (for example J2EE, .NET)
  • Database Migration (for example SQL Server, Oracle, DB2)
  • Programming Language Migration
  • Platform Interoperability (Mobile)
  • New Platform Support
  • Tools Migration
  • Adapter Factory
  • Legacy Transformation to J2EE or .NET
  • Businesses Process Management
  • Re-architect the product to enterprise level (scale-up) or single user level (scale-down)
  • Application Service Provider (ASP) and Software As A Service (SaaS) Enablement
  • Integration of new applications within existing systems
  • Streamlined work-flow and improvised business processes resulting in higher operational efficiencies.
  • Localization of National Internationalization Languages.
  • Customization of the system to the clients needs and technology environment.
Our Business Value

The dedicated and exceptional team of OTS performs functional support for modern business requirements. Our completely integrated Product Porting & Migration Services ensures the utilization of maximum reusable components, apart from being successful and speedy. The innovatively crafted procedures pursued by OTS makes us a pioneer in the entire Porting & Migration practices.

Instill the confidence in OTS's ability to port/migrate to high-caliber competency and recent technologies.

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