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Delivery Models

Count on OTS for all your software development needs. A well-knit team of qualified developers assure that we understand the clients requirements and, thereby meets the challenges inevitably. OTS's innovative solutions and the incorporation of a creative edge in every project, makes us indefinably the best in the industry.

All the services provided by OTS has a lower risk, high financial return, intuition, strategic alignment, and political impact.

Offshore Delivery Model

The predefined processes in the model, makes Offshore Delivery Model affordable. This delivery model works well, where there are set project goals. The client directly deals with the manager through the relationship manager. A complete delivery process is followed right from studying to testing, all is done on the offshore location. The two level escalation support and the shared resources, including architects and web designers are added advantage.

Onsite Delivery Model

This model is applicable, if specific resources, fluidity, and post-development support is essential. The strong technical skills possessed by OTS, including consultation and maintenance is provided indispensably. As all the developments are done onsite, this may increase the cost of expenses. The added advantages of the project, includes direct interaction and two level escalation support. The project is primarily used when there is high day-to-day support requirements.

Hybrid Delivery Model

Hybrid Delivery Model includes the best of both offshore and onsite model. With exaggerated efficiency and optimized costs, this model provides a multidisciplinary team that aims to maintain and support long term, short term, as well as multiple phase projects. The direct engagement of the clients and the utilization of the appropriate resources from onsite and offshore offers a huge scope for scalability. Apart from this, the other benefit will be the reduced cost, additional support, and timely delivery.

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