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iPhone Apps Development

iPhone has the largest mobile base, thereby making it one of the popular technologies, which is not only complex but also secure. OTS's expertise cohesive team and its ingenious ideas generate integrated iPhone Application Development services that have the ability to transmit effective business promotions and satisfy the possible customer base.

OTS is committed to delivering exceptional as well as affordable iOS Apps Development services. We thrive in crafting applications that are innovative, flexible with excellent graphics, and other features, apart from being extremely interactive.

When it comes to iPhone Apps Development, we foster in creating remarkable applications, surpassing our competitor.

Expert OTS Solutions

Our iPhone Application Developers' archeological brilliance, compose portable frameworks over a distinct devices. Some of our solutions comprises of:

  • Server/Client iOS Apps Development
  • GPS enabled iPhone Applications
  • Business Development Apps
  • Web-safari Apps
  • iPhone Game Development
  • Social Networking Apps
  • Apps For Online Audio/ Video Streaming
  • Multimedia iOS Apps Development
  • Database iOS Apps Development
  • Maintenance And Software Support
  • iPhone Web Apps Development
  • Widget Services
  • Mobile Web Application Services
  • Porting And Migration Services
  • QA And Software Testing Services
  • Augmented Reality App Services
  • Custom iPhone Apps
  • Hire Dedicated iOS Developers
iPhone Development Services
Technologies Cocoa Touch, iPhone SDK
Tools Xcode, ASIHTTPRequest, Redlazer API, ShareKit, Wikitude, Interface Builder
Languages Objective-C/C++, JavaScript
OS And Production Apple Store, iOS Developer Program, Mac OS X 10.6.7
Frameworks PhoneGap, Unity3D, OpenGL ES, Cocoa/ Cocoa Touch, Appcelerator Titanium, cocos2d
Databases & ORMs Core Data, MySQL, RestKit
Collaboration And Development Interface Builder, Xcode, Titanium Studio
Presentation Layer HTML+ CSS, Core Graphics, UIKit
Our Objective

OTS focuses on proving its capabilities by developing various applications, including lifestyle apps, hospitality, entertainment, games, news and media, location based apps, and even custom applications. We aim to utilize our full potential and follow the systematical process of developing apps, from conceptualization to testing and implementation.

With a decade long journey, we have mastered the software engineering, by developing finely intricate applications that, further enhances our quality and commitment towards our clients.

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