engagement models

Engagement Models

At OTS, we offer diverse engagement models based on the clients' requirements. Our flexible models aims to cater every organization's specifications, as we believe that each client has distinct needs.

Fixed Price Model

We recommend Fixed Price to customers, who has a well defined and a specified project with clearly outlined scope. This is a low risk model, where the timely deliver of software applications as per the mutually agreed price is the key. Our team of experts, carefully examine the customer's requirements and create a baseline for the fixed priced proposal. The models cover all the aspects of the Systems Development Life Cycle, including Designing, Developing, Analyzing, Testing, and Managing.

Time & Material Model

OTS's Time and Material Model offers a collective flexibility, as here, the customers can choose dedicated developers for a single project. The project specifications can be altered on the basis of the latest trends. This model does not follow any specific scope and its requirements keep evolving continuously. Apart from this, it requires less time and the payment are made on the based of the service utilization. An ideal solution for customers who needs to analyze and evaluate the solutions technically.

Dedicated Development Model or ODC

This is a full time engagement model, where the projects are large and its requirements keep on changing according to time. It is an ideal model for custom software development. In this model, OTS's dedicated team, under the manager's supervision report regularly to the customer. We provide quality and trained experts for customers specified needs. Our developers work continuously to deliver state-of-the-art solutions that are convenient to the pocket.

For further assistance in regards to the best suitable model, contact us at sales@otssolutions.com.

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