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OTS addresses the challenging document processes by capturing, sharing, storing, analyzing, securing, retrieving, and governing documents on regular basis. The unique combination of the futuristic platforms impelled by artificial intelligence assists us in providing affordable life-cycle documents. We not only confiscate and archive Enterprise Document Management Solutions but also ensure intellectual interpretation.

At OTS, we constantly perform to craft Document Management Software platforms that work according to the complex work-flow in order to control, share, and process the documents throughout businesses.

What OTS Provides

Our smart document process solutions for various products and services endeavors to meet every firm needs across various industries. Some key features provided by us, including auto-masking the critical information, regrouping of information, encoded breakdown and the competence to process unstructured and structured documents, reflects frameworks brilliance.

  • Enhanced- We provide an enhanced variety of tools, including storing documents and personal stamp, collaborating check-in and check-out, annotating images, and even adding user-defined meta-data.
  • Comprehensive- OTS's quick information search feature not only ranks the search results in order of relevance but also offers precises searches in less time.
  • Flexible-The logical integration and exceptional user interface makes OTS's Document Management Solutions flexible. Apart from this, it also consists of a huge storage space for documents, supports centralized and distributed models, maintains, and monitors documents, amongst others.
  • Simplified- Simplified business work is provided, which includes tracking changes, managing administrative settings, and more.
  • Secure-We offer dynamic security with the use of advanced filters. Secure document management on phone, laptop, tablet, and desktop.
Our core competencies
  • Document Capture & Imaging
  • Information Life-cycle Governance
  • Content Analytics
  • Intelligent Investigation Management
  • Advance Case Management
  • Social Content Management
  • Banking & Finance Management
  • Retail Solutions
  • Healthcare Management Solutions
  • Insurance
  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities Management
  • Businesses Process Management
  • Media Asset Management
  • Collaboration Platform Services
  • Integrated Document Management Software
  • Customized Document Management Solutions
Our Business Value

The document-centric approach followed by us assists clients in delivering highly capable business processes. Our professional developers build innovative applications that are framed considering the the demands of the business and its ever changing dynamics. OTS works with you, to recognize your business requirements and endlessly caters within the budget Enterprise Document Management Solution.

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